Some of our supporters are listed below.

Laura  Conyngham

I believe passionately in cycling as a way of improving our health, and as a sustainable way of improving the environment especially in towns.

I have been a keen supporter of the Boniface Trail Association since its formation.

Gerald Conyngham

I have cycled in Europe and had the opportunity to see the positive impact cycling has had on cities such as Copenhagen.

I cycle from Credition to Exeter via the back lanes and would welcome a more direct route which would suit families, disabled people and children.

Penny Cockram

I'm a keen cyclist and would welcome a shared-use path from Crediton to Exeter. 
A direct route to replace the back lanes that cyclists have to use currently to stay safe would be much appreciated by commuters and leisure cyclists alike and make a pleasant path for walkers, runners, wheelchairs and families.
I'll be supporting the Boniface Trail